Friday, April 22, 2011

It's gonna be All Write..

Passing the last two years, my Lenovo has shown a give-up sign. I don't wish to ditch this useful device, just because there are too many things that remind me of the old man, Pak Tua, a driver of a rent car in Sorong, West Papua, who kept asking me if I needed a ride. "Sir, we are in different time zones right now. So, stop calling me. I will call you when I'm in your town. I'm not sure when, but I will".

Writing a travel journal was a good trick to impress this girl, but now she's my wife. Finding a subject to impress was never meant to come across the crammed schedule pinned down on my wall. But it was good enough to get me through the whole year with a contract with Whom am I to impress? Some good writings come from good impression that becomes the soul in your piece. But the editor said, "Just need a simple description, and you're set for another piece". Okay, that's NOT very impressive.

I have meant to update some of my writings, mostly in Papua, West Papua, Moluccas, and Aceh. Somehow, I never finished all the attractions in West Borneo. Maybe she (the Chinese) was too hot. But I promise I will. Come to think of it, my editor wanted me to write about Aceh. The Saman dancer there smells nice. Much nicer than the smell of Aceh's coffee. So, I ditched the West Borneo Chinese. For a while.

Tour de Singkarak 2011 is underway. My colleague, Rachel, was there to do the on-site reportage. She is now somewhere in the famous down under. At least I have to develop some 9 more articles to submit before the end of May, so the visiting crowds can read them before the D-day on June 6th, 2011. Yes, West Sumatra is vast, and you'll love the mouth-burning Padang food.

It's not like writing about Raja Ampat that captured my heart. West Sumatra is still there to challenge my sensitivity toward beauty. I failed to recognize the true beauty of Ambon, Halmahera, and Banda, as my friend married an Ambonese. The celebrity. But I am happy for them (as they live now in Amsterdam). I will conquer the true beauty of this land, like those Pacu Jawi racers conquer the bulls. I will conquer West Sumatra.

From there, I am up to compose on Sail Indonesia 2011, crossing the seas around Kupang, East Nusatenggara, to Moluccas, Sulawesi' Wakatobi, Lombok's Senggigi, Lovina Bali, Karimunjawa, Tanjung Puting, to Riau Islands, and off to Batam, and Singapore, and ends in Langkawi.

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