Thursday, February 10, 2011

Peliatan Royal Cremation Ceremony 2010 in Bali

A narrow alley is not a dangerous place in Ubud, Bali. It is simply an extension to another hidden paradise from a bigger paradise. A senior backpacker passed the gate of two small homestays, hidden from the bustling street of Monkey Forest.

Traditional costumes come in different colors and patterns. Relatives came from the other side of the village to pay a visit in a preparation of the 9th King's Royal Cremation in Puri Agung Peliatan, Bali.

Cokorda Alit sat under a gazebo or bale bengong, supervising the preparation for the cremation. He was the closest relative to the deceased King. They were playmates in the yesteryear.

Four masks of different characters came in colors. This highly decorated masks are hand-made and especially crafted for the special occasion like the grand cremation. 

Ladies of the palace waited for the core event of the day, the prayer led by a priest. Series of rituals took place and each rite displayed unique purpose and meaningful process.

Mask dance, or locally known as tari topeng, was a tribute to the deceased. It also played an important role in providing enthusiasm and togetherness amongst the plural community members.

Soon after the holly water was extracted with a serious ritual, the family members went back to the palace, so they can put the holly water inside the embracing dragon. A lady turned around, looking for someone mingled in the crowd.

 Meanwhile, in the Ubud market, sellers were anticipating the big buy from waves of tourist influx. Here, handcrafts and local souvenirs were displayed and appreciated. A Balinese lady was walking down the alley guarded by a dancing statue.

Bali has been dubbed as the Land of Gods. As each house must build its own praying area, the island is also known as the land of a thousand temples.

Wayang Kulit or puppet show was played so that the soul was adequately entertained. The story in the puppet show was read from a traditional scripture made of delicate material like papyrus.

The girl from the royal family sat on a royal sedan casting the most refreshing smile, as her elder family members prayed in a holly water temple in a ngening ceremony, the rite of purity.  

Each place has its own offering in Bali. There are thousands of offerings found from the first step of an airport lounge to the deepest rice field in the village, and here, on the sale of a busy traditional market.

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